Bolechow Heritage Project

Possible Traveling Exhibition Setups

by Student on April 2, 2012

Our goal is to give the BJHS the greatest range in possibility in both budget and exhibition size therefore we have come up with different sizes of traveling exhibitions to meet their needs and the space that the exhibition travels to.  The first size is a mailable booklet that could be sent out as a promotional device for their organization as well as tell a condensed story of Bolechow.  The second size is a small kiosk 3 panel system that can fit in a small space or in a corner.  This will be the easiest for transportation and start  to tell a larger story of Bolechow.  The third size is a modular system for a space around 12′ x 24′.  The Eldridge Street Synagogue space in NYC is around that size and a good site to start with.  Finally we will be designing a large exhibition for a larger space, 25′ x 50′ that could be used at venues like the  Holocaust Museum in DC.  

Traveling Sites

by Student on March 9, 2012

We have been researching cities for the traveling exhibition to visit and started putting a presentation together to show pictures and information.  So far we have found four great sites in which we think there would be interest for our exhibition.  The Eldridge Street Synagogue here in New York City, the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C, the Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies in Chicago and American Jewish Archives Cincinnati are our top picks.


Here is a collection of photographs showing the sites listed above:

Midterm Presentation

March 6, 2012

Today we had our midterm presentation to our client, the Bolechow Jewish Heritage Society.  They traveled in from different cities and all met us at RAA where we gave the presentation.  We discussed the blog, website, traveling exhibition, cities that the traveling exhibition would visit and the museum.  We view this project a puzzle with […]

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Interview Planned with Shlomo Adler

March 4, 2012

This week we met twice in anticipation of our midterm. We started to design our traveling exhibition. We plan to use photographs and audio or video interviews as a main feature of the exhibition. We have been sketching out some ideas. Also, two of our team members will be interviewing Shlomo Adler via Skype this […]

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Discussing the Traveling Exhibition

February 24, 2012

Today we met to discuss our progress and to start working on the design for the traveling exhibit.  We were joined by Stephan Klein who was curious to see how we were progressing.  We discussed the pros and cons of using an exhibit system and the logistics involved.  We started thinking about the sequence of […]

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Presentation at RAA

February 17, 2012

Today we presented our progress at Ralph Appelbaum and Associates.  Our presentation included updates on our website and blog, research on precedent websites, participatory experiences, and traveling exhibitions.

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The Bolechow Questionnaire

February 14, 2012

The questionnaire is ready to go!  Here is our final design for the questionnaire that will be available on our blog site.  It is directed towards Galician Jews that have objects they would like to be incorporated in the Bolechow Synagogue Museum.

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The Bolechow Heritage Project Blog is Live!

February 10, 2012

Our first initiative to collect people’s stories and photography is through our project blog. We hope the blog becomes a forum and a place for Bolechow descendants and anyone who has memories of the town to connect and tell their stories.  Here they can share memories, and photographs of artifacts from the area.  The blog […]

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Memorial Inspiration

February 3, 2012

This year our studio has teamed up with the exhibition design firm, Ralph Appelbaum Associates.  Today they gave us a presentation on memorials of various types from artistic representations to actual museums. During this project we have been going back and forth about how much of the story to “memorialize” to remember the lost and […]

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First Client Meeting

February 1, 2012

Yesterday the BHP team met with Stephan Klein and the President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Bolechow Jewish Heritage Society. We presented preliminary research and suggested that this project become a vehicle to raise awareness about the extinguished Jewish community of Bolechow and to give the BJHS tools that they need to further raise awareness […]

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